Lady Gaga: an apology.

After reflecting on my Lady Gaga/Vera post yesterday, I felt I had to write again and put things into a clearer context.

When I said with ‘Vera’ there was something nice to look at, I meant the scenery.

I was a big Lady Gaga fan when she burst onto the music scene. I thought she was quirky and original but now I think she is being provocative in fashion and lyrics simply to get publicity. I like what she stands for – she wants people to be able to be themselves (listen to the lyrics of ‘Born This Way’) and seems to champion people who consider themselves outsiders which is positive however I fear she isn’t being true to herself.

I watched the repeat of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ last night and Gaga came across well but she doesn’t necessarily seem genuine. The attraction to her is that she is ‘real’ but she now seems so affected that I no longer believe she is just like one of us. When she started out, her outfit choices simply looked like stage clothes, something you wouldn’t necessarily wear out and about in town but as a performer you could get away with. I think it was only about six months into her rise to fame, after appearing on Jonathan Ross’s now-defunct talk show, that Gaga began to realise that her wacky outfit choices could get her more publicity. Come on, the girl who supported Pussycat Dolls in 2009 would never have been wearing a dress made of meat. In fact, who would?! No-one unless they were desperate for attention.

I like what Gaga stands for her but her diva-esque behaviour takes her out of the realms of reality and deposits her in the world of Mariah Carey et al. On Sunday, apparently, she kept the audience waiting and left Fearne Cotton filling way beyond her capabilities. She had 3 costume changes during ‘TGNS’.

Gaga’s message is good: be who you are, I just wish she would take her own advice.

Vic x

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