Review: ‘Breaking Away’ by Anna Gavalda

After reading ‘Breaking Away’ by Anna Gavalda, I realised that it’s easy to miss the beautiful moments in life because you’re too preoccupied with responsibilities.

I found this novel easy-to-follow and a perfect holiday read, nice and light with a realistic portrayal of families. The characters are easy to identify with the growing nostalgia of a family who, nearing middle age, reflect on missed opportunities and disappointments.

I found the story both funny and touching in places and I really empathised with Garance, the main character. Her love for her siblings is touching, and I really understood her growing irritation towards her neat-freak sister-in-law. Leaving duty behind, even just for one day, is something I, and most adults, would love to do. If you feel too bound up by responsibilities, I would recommend you read ‘Breaking Away’.

This book is about getting older and lamenting a lost youth which is definitely something I identify with. However, I would have liked more resolution at the end of the story. All in all, Gavalda’s novel is about realising that life may not have turned out how you expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less amazing.

Vic x

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