When inspiration strikes….

Grab it and run with it! Over the last 9 months, I have done very little work on my novel ‘Fix Me Up’. After completing my Masters degree, I was so sick of reading and re-reading my prose, I decided to do the thing that all professionals tell you not to do and leave my work for a little while. By the time I got through Christmas and went to Oman for a few weeks of r’n’r, I finally felt ready to start writing again in February but just as the urge took me, so did the illness that continues to hamper my attempts at a normal life.

However, this evening has provided me a great incentive to get writing again. I met up with some former Masters classmates of mine and had a good old chat about the possibility of collaborating on future scripts as well as having a regular group to critique my work. We spent a lot of time in the degree providing honest feedback and it’s great to have a group of people who you trust to be honest, constructive and fair.

Personally, I struggle to write when I have nothing to aim for so the idea of meeting monthly provides me with a deadline to work towards which is really helpful.

I have worked on some short stories over the last few months but now really want to get back into working with Colin. I’d like to try to translate one of those short stories into a monologue so I now feel like I have a lot to work towards. Hopefully the day will come soon when I feel up to writing properly. I am now feeling very determined. I may not be able to get out of bed but luckily I have a laptop that can come to me.

Fingers crossed for me please!

Vic x


2 responses to “When inspiration strikes….

  1. Go Vic!!!

  2. Fingers crossed for you!

    How’s it going now? I find leaving my prose for a while and then re-visiting it really helps with the perspective and inspiration.

    My advice to you would be to do what feels right for you and ignore the advice of others!

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