Michael Owen: Just like all the others.

This week Michael Owen tweeted that he would rather ‘play less often in a top team than every game in a poor team. Been there and didn’t enjoy it.’

Thanks, Mr Owen. In total he cost Newcastle United £40 million over the four years he was at the club. He got a lot more from the club than the club got from him. He was injured so often that NUFC ended up playing around £500, 000 for every game he actually played (79 games in 4 years). Considering the fact that he didn’t score every game he played (only 30 times in those 71 games), that works out at about £1.3 million per goal. Not to mention the fact that on top of his wage, he will have had sponsorship deals and goal bonuses. We should all be so lucky.

Why do these idiot “celebrities” i.e. footballers, pop stars, Z-Listers insist on writing crap on Twitter then get upset when people respond? Newcastle United fans aren’t going to read something like that and respond favourably. I remember the excitement felt by the fans when Owen signed in August 2005. They were looking at it positively, thinking we were getting a prolific striker and that the £16 million paid to Real Madrid would be worth it. He left to Man Utd on a free transfer after keeping our treatment tables warm pretty much for the duration of his time in Newcastle.

Now, he is criticising the club that paid him very handsomely and earlier this year criticised the fans for booing him in the 0-0 draw between NUFC and Manchester United. What does he expect people to do?

I don’t particularly care about football but what I do resent is that people like him, and others with very few morals, are held in high esteem and paid millions of pounds to kick a football about but still can’t just shut up and accept the fact that some fans won’t be happy when you bleed their club dry and move on. I hate the amount of fame and emphasis placed on these people but they have to deal with it.

Owen now can’t be surprised that after his comments this week, he’ll face a backlash. NUFC fans do respect players when they move on, provided that they have served the club well and showed the club and their fans some respect.

Vic x


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