Update: ‘Choosing to Die’

It has been reported today that Andrew Colgan, the forty-one year old MS sufferer who was featured on Terry Pratchett’s ‘Choosing to Die’ programme took almost ninety minutes to die at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.

Andrew Colgan’s brother, Chris, told the Express newspaper that their mother held Andrew for the first forty minutes but was told by Dignitas staff to let go in case her proximity was causing him to cling to life. Andrew was given the correct dosage but Chris believes his brother had built up a tolerance to drugs due to the amount of medication he was on for his Multiple Sclerosis.

Chris felt he could not watch his brother die so after being told the process should take twenty minutes, he paced outside for 30 minutes and returned expecting it to be over but his brother was unconscious but still alive, much to the bewilderment of the Dignitas staff. It was after 90 minutes that the doctor checked Andrew’s pulse and confirmed he had passed away.

Andrew was said not to feel any pain during the prolonged process.

If it was true regarding his mother’s love keeping Andrew alive, it only adds fuel to my suspicion that Andrew was not really ready to die.

If only he’d had this much attention paid to him while he was alive and suffering.

Vic x


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