Review: ‘The Reiki Man’ by Dominic C James

‘The Reiki Man’ is the first novel in a trilogy by Dominic C James who, after being made redundant two years ago, decided to become a full-time writer. James is a Reiki Master and from this novel it is plain to see he knows a great deal about the subject. James states on his website that he wants to bring Reiki and other practices to a wider audience. This book is not only entertaining but informative.

When a billionaire is murdered, the police are left with no clues however all is not it seems – whoever murdered Henry Mulholland passed by several guards and a sophisticated security system – the only clue left behind is a mysterious symbol. Mulholland’s head of security recognises the symbol and tracks down a face from the past to assist her. What follows next is a story of ancient power and the supernatural. ‘The Reiki Man’ combines the spiritual world with the physical and tests both to the limit.

James creates a believable narrative and I felt totally drawn into the mystery of Reiki however what is clever about this story is that it is a murder mystery with more to it than the usual ‘whodunnit’.

My only criticism of this book is that there is too much description of the food the characters are eating, it seemed somewhat irrelevant.

The ending made me desperate to read the second part of the trilogy! Fans of Dan Brown will love this book.

Vic x


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