I have been known to sound off about cheating footballers on this blog but it’s high time I also mentioned those that enable said idiots – their wives and girlfriends.

A few weeks ago, I defended Imogen Thomas with regard to the judgement she was receiving from newspapers and bloggers while the married man she had an affair with was sitting pretty and, at the time, anonymously. Obviously RG has since had his comeuppance (with stories of affairs not only with Ms Thomas but with his brother’s wife – Christmas dinner at their place must be like an extended episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show) but his missus was pictured with him in Majorca last week “standing by her man”.

Imogen, meanwhile, took to the beaches of LA to pose like Pamela Anderson in a skimpy red Baywatch bathing suit and then decided to rollerskate in the same outfit. Not bad for a girl who Tweeted the publicity surrounding her affair had made her “want to curl up and die”. I’m all for moving on but I think this latest outing, complete with new tattoo saying “liars and cheats will never have my heart” (no-one’s entirely sure if it’s just holiday Henna or permanent), has lost Imogen any sympathy she had. Now it does look like she just wanted the footballer lover for the perks and fame.

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Rooney have been making the most of the close-season break: holidaying in Barbados, seeing their mates involved in fights at Glastonbury and now are living it up in St Tropez. Not bad considering his bad behaviour on and off the pitch. Childhood sweetheart or not – would she really stay with him through all of those indiscretions with hookers if he didn’t have a fortune in the bank? He’s hardly Mr Personality, is he? And he’s certainly nothing to look at.

Being away on one of their jaunts meant Coleen and Wayne couldn’t attend the wedding of yet another philandering footballer and his fame-hungry bride – Robo-Crouch and Abbey Clancy. They were all smiles yesterday; no wonder Peter was: he’s allegedly got the blonde model to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect his fortune. Crouch who, when asked in an interview what he would have been if he hadn’t been a footballer, replied “a virgin” seems to have taken full advantage of his status by not only bagging former coke-head Clancy – the mother of his three-month old daughter – but allegedly having it off with a Spanish prostitute during a friend’s stag do in Madrid and visiting an air hostess’s room in Dubai.

Speaking of the Middle-east, the inappropriately dressed Toni Terry fawned all over her husband for conveniently placed cameras during their break in Abu Dhabi. Not only were onlookers subjected to nauseating (and also technically illegal) displays of “affection”, they also had to endure Mrs Terry’s horribly revealing swimwear. But if Toni thought that parading in a cut-away bathing suit and tonguing her husband would leave us all saying “Vanessa who?” She’s wrong. Vanessa Perroncel was the woman, Toni, we haven’t forgotten the lurid details of your hubby’s affair with his team-mate’s partner and neither should you.

But, in my opinion, none of these women are quite as daft as one Geordie if rumours are to be believed. Everyone cheered when Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, the nation’s sweetheart, finally kicked Ashley Cole into touch. However, now the newspapers and magazines are reporting that, with her career on the skids and Simon Cowell nowhere to be found, Cheryl wants to remarry Ashley and have his kids. Anyone who has been in a bad relationship knows that getting away is the hardest part and Cheryl did that 18 months ago. Just because her confidence has taken a knock, she is allowing Cole to worm his way back in. Ashley apparently changed his Blackberry status to “I want my wife back” – why? Does a leopard ever really change his spots? I think not. It may all be conjecture on behalf of the newspapers, I hope it is.  

Cheryl, Stacey, Coleen, Abbey, Toni et al: nothing is worth staying with someone who doesn’t respect and love you. And how can they possibly love you when they’re willing to shag anything that will drop their knickers? It is so disappointing in this day and age to see kids looking up to women like this. Children should be looking at self-educated, intelligent women who demonstrate courage and self-respect. OK, so maybe the WAGs aren’t ever going to be brain surgeons but they could at least provide healthy role models for their own kids by showing they won’t allow men to walk all over them. If the WAGs made a stand, the cheating footballer wouldn’t completely disappear but I believe there would be so much more at stake that they’d think twice about cheating. No wonder boys grow up with such unhealthy attitudes to women – they think they can cheat on them, abuse them and generally disrespect them and get away with it – and thanks to the example set by these women (and others), most girls allow it.

The WAGS may feel they have a lot to lose in terms of money and status but they have a lot to gain in the way of self-esteem and respect, not only from men but the wider public. They should take a leaf out of Maria Shriver’s book – she has filed for divorce from former Governor Arnie after learning he’d fathered a child with their maid.  Embarrassing and upsetting for her and her kids, sure, but Maria has made a stand. Good on her.

Vic x


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