News International: Let’s make a statement.

Tonight saw the end of The News of the World, one of the nation’s most popular Sunday papers.

It is a shame for some of the staff who have been handed their 90 days notice as some may be entirely innocent. It’s not very likely that the cleaners will have been doing a lot of hacking, then again…..

However, as stated in an earlier post, phone hacking – along with lots of other tasteless and illegal means – is unlikely to be exclusive to the NOTW.

The process by which News International has handled this crisis has been appalling. What the British public need to do is send a message to News Corps and Rupert Murdoch – we don’t want him and his minions involved in our media. Not only do advertisers need to boycott the NOTW but they need to stop paying for advertising space in The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times and any successor to NOTW. Murdoch is obviously still under the impression that we, the British public, are stupid enough to allow him to continue monopolizing our media provided he shuts down one title and allows that paper’s staff to take the flak.

I personally do not buy The Sun, The Times or The Sunday Times because of who owns it. Take a look at this link: 

No-one should be allowed that much power, particularly someone with Rupert Murdoch’s questionable ethics. This man influences politics and politicians as well as what you read in newspapers and see on your TV. Only today, The Sun politics Twitter account @Sun_Politics posted this Tweet: NotW – RIP. A loss to 1st class journalism. Ed Miliband, Guardian BBC; how proud you must be of your work. The Tweet has since been removed with the following apology: Please ignore last tweet from this account re NotW – not authorised, and not the paper or its political team’s opinion. Has been deleted.

Whether that Tweet was from a News Corps employee or a hacker, let’s not forget that in The Sun, The Times or The Sunday Times, you are being fed messages with underlying agendas. I know all newspapers and broadcasters have an agenda but this particular monopolisation needs to be stopped.  

We need to stop buying these newspapers. Make a stand.

Vic x


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