A true story…

I went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago and, as most women will attest, you spend a good few days before the wedding getting ready for it – even if you’re just a guest. So the day before the wedding, after already having my hair and fake tan done, I attended the beauticians for my nails to be polished (to match my dress, of course).

Both my mum and I had appointments and when we got to the salon, there was a lady with a baby girl. We smiled at her and the baby waved so we struck up a polite conversation about the baby’s age, name and so on. The lady seemed nice enough, well-spoken and chatty and the baby was a happy baby.

My mum got called into a room for her treatments and a beautician came to collect the mum. The beautician offered to carry the buggy up the stairs but the lady said “Oh, do you mind watching her while I get my spray tan done?” What could I say?

I had “known” this woman and her child for no more than five minutes but she was willing to leave her only child with a complete stranger! I felt I couldn’t say no and the baby was fine but it really made me wonder how lax parents are with their pride and joy! OK, I’m competent with children and would do them no harm but for all that woman knew, I could have run off with her baby! She was very grateful, I was just stunned.

Very disconcerting.

Vic x


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