Blooming beautiful.

It’s no secret that I am ridiculously broody at the moment, and have been for the last year or so. Everywhere I go, I see babies, toddlers and pregnant ladies. My office is teeming with burgeoning bumps.

Every time I log onto my Facebook or Twitter accounts or read the news online, someone else seems to be giving birth or announcing their pregnancy. I wouldn’t say I was jealous as I think some people will be crap parents and I know that by fighting the biological urge, I’m giving my future children (inshallah) a better life. The Boy Wonder and I are ideological people. We want to be able to give our kids the best start in life and we know that we aren’t at that point financially yet.

What really annoys me is people who seem to have children as yet another accessory – just something to compliment their house, car, iPhone and so on.

What I really love, though, is women celebrating their pregnancies. I know it must be tiring and you may feel crap for putting weight on but being pregnant, in my humble opinion, is something to be celebrated.

In her first pregnancy, Victoria Beckham wore clingy dresses that left nothing to the imagination but since then she’s used whatever fashion accessory possible to hide her growing bump. We should all be so lucky, I have a big dinner and I find it difficult to hide!

But last week David Beckham posted a picture of Victoria sunbathing with her bump on display. It’s claimed she didn’t know he’d taken the picture but it looked pretty staged. Nonetheless, it’s lovely to see her enjoying it!

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has been pictured showing her growing bump while on holiday with her hubby. She looks amazing, shame he doesn’t. There have been rumours that she’s expecting twins – regardless of how many babies she’s having, let’s hope they get her looks (and height).

I never really liked the ‘All Saints’ look in the late 90s when they walked around with tummies on show, wearing low slung combat pants and vest tops but equally, I don’t see why women try to hide their bumps completely. Lily Allen’s wedding dress showed her little bump eloquently.

If I was pregnant, I’d take great pleasure in celebrating my feminine side by wearing floaty dresses! Until then, I guess I’ll just have to stick a cushion up my top!

Vic x


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