Positive thinking: let’s see if it works…

A friend of mine emailed me yesterday and suggested I try to avoid using words like “shattered”, “no hope” etc. She’s a big believer in Reiki and other spiritual healing, some might call her “kooky” but she’s a very upbeat, positive person who does a lot of positive work for charity.

In my current situation, I have been feeling rather frustrated as I don’t particularly feel like I’m getting any better or stronger and I’m no further forward with a diagnosis than I was five months ago.

However, other things are starting to look up and I need to take comfort from that. I’ve booked some leave from work (granted not until after the New Year but it’s better than nothing) so that The Boy Wonder and I can go on our annual trip to Oman.

I have a book review due to be printed in Closer Magazine (a national magazine in the UK) tomorrow and I’ve sent my details off to a couple more magazines to see if I can get any work with them.

My first guest blog has been uploaded to Close to the Bone today and I’ve had some great feedback off it. http://www.craigrobertdouglas.com/views/bros-before-hos-by-victoria-watson/

So it’s not all bad – gotta look on the bright side, eh? It could be worse, I could be Rebekah Brooks!

Vic x


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