Review: ‘Long Gone’ by Alafair Burke

After being unemployed for months, Alice Humphrey gets an offer she can’t refuse – to become the manager of a new art gallery in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Alice is recruited by charismatic go-between Drew Campbell who won’t reveal the reclusive rich owner’s identity. Before long, Alice’s dream job turns into a nightmare – fanatical Christians are demonstrating outside the gallery, the gallery is getting publicity for all of the wrong reasons and then she finds Drew dead in the gallery early one morning. Could it get any worse? For Alice, yes – it looks like she is going to be charged with crimes she didn’t commit.

Alice is convinced she didn’t do anything wrong but all of the evidence leads back to her – so how can she prove her innocence? And how does a seemingly innocuous job offer turn into a potential life sentence?

Having never read Alafair Burke before, I didn’t know what to expect but ‘Long Gone’ is a can’t-put-down novel with a great plot and well-drawn characters. As a former prosecutor, Burke has all of the knowledge at her disposal and uses it to devastating effect.

Initially, I found the number of characters difficult to follow but as each one came into their own, the narrative flowed and each character became an important piece in this well-crafted jigsaw.

Burke provides enough information about the characters for you to actually care about them – without ever really being sure who is friend or foe. They’re all flawed, proving that Burke has a great understanding of the human condition – no-one is entirely good or entirely bad and her characters reflect this.

There are no weak moments in this novel, it’s a pacey thriller from start to finish. It will have your pulse racing just as fast as your mind. Just when you think all of the loose ends are tied up, Burke delivers another killer blow – leaving you guessing until the very last page.

‘Long Gone’ is a well thought-out thriller with believable characters and a relevant storyline. I will definitely be seeking out some more Alafair Burke books.

Vic x

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