Happy families?

What’s the first thing you notice about this photo? Is it the very young-looking mum? Can you pick out who the father of the baby might be? Tough call, eh?

The guy in the blue checked shirt and the lady with the red hair are the baby’s grandparents. Yes, I know, he looks so young that he got ID’d by hospital staff as they thought he was too young to even be the father of the baby. Twenty-nine year-old Shem Davies was said to be “overjoyed” when his fourteen-year-old daughter Tia gave birth to Gracie. If that was my dad, I don’t think overjoyed would be the first word that sprung to mind if I had reproduced at fourteen. I still think he’d be disappointed now and I’m almost double Tia’s age! Shem does admit however, that “I wasn’t overly pleased that she was pregnant but I soon got over that”. Again, I don’t think my dad would be able to get over it so soon.

A week after Gracie was born by caesarean section, Tia had a birthday party in the ward to celebrate turning fifteen with all of her friends around her. A good use of hospital resources?

Gracie’s father, who just finished his GCSEs, says he understands the responsibility of being a father as he is “captain of the rugby club and that’s like having fourteen kids.” I guarantee you it is not, mate. Unless on your rugby team they expect the captain to change nappies, feed and wind the others and spend hours upon hours of sleepless nights listening to them cry.

I don’t know what else I can say – I am genuinely speechless.

Vic x


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