Police are people too, you know.

So, anyone with half a brain cell is condemning the riots that are enveloping the UK. Rightly so – although the initial riot in Tottenham on Saturday may have started after the death of a resident. However, now the looters and rioters have been seen throughout London and it is evident that most (if not all) of the people taking part are just there to cause trouble, abuse the police and loot shops.

What is the world coming to?

We hold ourselves up as beacons of peace and civilisation. This isn’t civilisation. This isn’t the demonstration of a nation who should be interfering with other countries’ politics – we can’t even keep our own nation at peace.

However, let’s not think for one second that this unrest is anything to do with the increasing cost of living, the cuts to government and police budgets, the growing unemployment figures or any of the other bones of contention in politics at the moment. Just like the protests against growing tuition fees for university students were hijacked in December, the lawless minority have struck again.

Watching the scenes in Hackney this evening, I was disgusted to see how the police were being treated. It’s all too easy to forget that police men and women are humans too. They may represent the state and seek to uphold the law but they are someone’s son or daughter. What gives anyone the right to abuse them in such a disgraceful manner? If a hoodie threw a bin, trolley or firework at Joe Public, there would be hell on. I understand that police enter the job knowing that they will have to deal with these situations but it is a disgrace to see how the police are treated with such disrespect. The guys and gals in the uniform, on the street, aren’t the people responsible for policy making – that comes from higher up. So if someone is upset at the stop and search methods, they shouldn’t take it out on the person who is just following protocol.

When Raoul Moat “declared war on Northumbria Police” last July, people – quite rightly – denounced him as a madman. Why aren’t the rioters treated with the same contempt?

These riots are a manifestation of the Jeremy Kyle, dole-waller, take no responsibility culture that embarrasses the genuine, hard-working people of the UK on a daily basis.

The riots are yet an example of why police budgets should not be slashed, the government need to find other ways of reducing the deficit. We need police on our streets. And we need to commend them for being so brave.

The UK is due to host the Olympics next year – who wants to come to this hell hole?

Vic x


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