The mother of all morals.

When we were children, my mother used to tell my brother and I that if she ever found out we’d committed a crime, she would turn us in. I don’t know why we she felt the need to say this as we are law-abiding, decent human beings but she laid down the law and said there would be no turning back.

I always felt that for anyone to actually have to do that must be so hard. However, I do feel it is necessary. As someone’s mother (or father), you may know them better than anyone. You may notice their behaviour has changed in some way, or that they get edgy when they see something in the newspaper or on the news.

Adrienne Ives had to make the decision to turn in her daughter Chelsea after seeing her on TV on Sunday night, taking part in the London riots. Mrs Ives was watching television with her husband Rodger when she saw their daughter on the screen. Mrs Ives said ‘For a minute, I did not know what to do. But then, what could normal honest parents do? How can you sit there and see that and say, “That’s OK”? We were watching people lose their homes and businesses. As parents we had to say, “She can’t get away with that”.

Mrs Ives feels she has been portrayed in a negative light for turning Chelsea in but I think she should be commended for her courage. She must be so embarrassed by her daughter’s behaviour. As a decent human, one must ask oneself where you have gone wrong. Mrs Ives’ empathy for the victims of these riots is admirable, she – thankfully – does not possess the mentality of her daughter and other careless vandals.

Both Mrs Ives and her husband Rodger say that, although seeing Chelsea taken to prison was heart-breaking, they’d do it again if they had to. They are yet another example of the decent people living in this country. They urged any other parents to follow their lead if they knew their children had been involved.

Chelsea Ives, who is due to be an ambassador for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, attended Westminster Magistrates’ Court after boasting that her rampage in Enfield had given her the ‘best day ever’. Ives had allegedly attacked a Vodafone store and a marked police car. She denied burglary at two mobile phone shops, violent disorder and attacking the police car. She was remanded in custody. She is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court for her case to be transferred to Crown Court.

Perhaps if Adrienne’s daughter took more notice of her parents, she would be more civil.

Vic x


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