Review: ‘A Good Day (Tales from the Longcroft Estate)’ by Darren Sant

‘A Good Day’ is the first short story in a series set in The Longcroft Estate, which author Sant says features addicts, dealers, bent coppers and football hooligans amongst others. From reading this story, I can confidently say that Darren Sant is representing estate life very realistically.

A heroin-addled man has new neighbours. The neighbours have visitors coming in the types of flash cars residents of the Longcroft Estate have only ever seen on TV – what is going on? The addict watches the comings and goings from his window, preying on the unsuspecting fools who leave their possessions ripe for the picking. He decides to use his crowbar to do some investigating while his new neighbours are away. What happens next is a complete surprise. The addict has a choice to make, what will he do?

The heroin addict is used to using and abusing people to get his hit. He picks pockets, jimmies locks and screws the dole every fortnight. He’s selfish, entirely addicted and desperate to feed that addiction, no matter how. How can this guy be a protagonist? Well, Darren Sant has the ability to convey a true human being: someone who has made some wrong turns but isn’t entirely rotten to the core. This portrayal is well-written and balanced, representing humanity in a way that many mainstream stories can’t.

The prologue and epilogue frame the story and introduce the estate beautifully. The fact that this story is so well written and short leaves you begging for more, I cannot wait for the next installment.

‘A Good Day’ is available on Amazon for 86p – it is worth so much more.

Vic x

Order your copy of ‘A Good Day’ here:


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