Review: ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at Whitley Bay Film Festival

As part of Whitley Bay’s Annual Film Festival, TBW and I chose to go to a midnight screening of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Having never seen ‘The Picture Show’ before, I was certainly interested to see what the fuss was about.

Doors opened at 11.30 and, having read the pre-show information, we arrived with cushions and blankets to keep ourselves warm and comfy throughout the screening. Entering the dome, I was amazed to see the effort that had gone into the waiting area. There was a small bar, a few tables and chairs with umbrellas as parasols as well as a projection of stills from the film onto the pillar in the centre. The soundtrack was also piped through the sound system. There was an ice-cream stand from the local (and world-famous) Crescent Cafe in Seaton Delaval, a popcorn stall as well as pick ‘n’ mix. Once inside the dome, there were usherettes selling refreshments.

Also in the waiting area, there was a small film memorabilia stand which featured some an arrows from ‘Star Wars’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, a jumper worn by Will Smith in ‘Hancock’, a mask from ‘Hollow Man’. The most impressive piece on show was a scary Dalek.

Although I knew ‘Rocky Horror’ had a cult following, I was astounded to see the amazing costumes that people turned up in. There were a few Frank-N-Furter costumes, Riff Raff, Columbia and even an Eddie (Meatloaf).  Very impressive indeed. Due to the timing of the show, I did wonder whether some people had indulged in a few bevvies beforehand as many of the people gathered seemed highly excitable. Perhaps they needed Dutch courage, I wish I’d been so brave!

Impressively, the film was screened under the dome of Whitley Bay’s Spanish City, which used to be a dance hall in days gone by. What a beautiful setting.

The cinema had deck chairs set up and I have to admit they are more comfortable than usual multiplex seats. The dome seats 100 people and, although it was a late showing, it was impressively busy although not completely full.

The film festival had also sold packs for patrons which contained items for interaction during the show. So, when Brad and Janet’s friends get married at the start of the film, the audience throw rice and when Brad and Janet get caught in a storm, there are water guns squirted and people put paper on their heads like Janet. When Frank-N-Furter proposes a toast, slices of toast are thrown. Other props include toilet roll, playing cards and party poppers. It was quite funny to return home to find rice in various places, and a toast crust stuck to our blanket!

Before the film started, there were old adverts for local businesses from the 1950s which were really interesting.

During the film, there was a lot of audience participation – from throwing props to dancing and shouting out lines.

The film itself was interesting to say the least but I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was great and the effort that the organisers had put into the production was really impressive. My only disappointment was the price of the tickets – £10 each – we would have definitely been to see more of the films available if it had cost less. But, the one we did see was totally worth the money.

Vic x


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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! Really Glad you enjoyed the evening!

    Whitley Bay Film Festival

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    Thanks again!

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