Why ‘The West Wing’ scares the bejesus out of me

I only just started watching ‘The West Wing’ a couple of months ago. Since then, I have watched the first 2 seasons and have realised how much stuff goes on behind the scenes and under the radar.

The Boy Wonder is fond of the shots of The White House where you can see armed guards patrolling the roof. I’d never thought of that but now that he’s mentioned it, it seems stupid not to have realised the amount of security that is involved of the every day protection of the President.

‘The West Wing’ has made me think how, to be President, you must not have to worry about privacy – apparently you have aides and staffers calling upon you at all hours of the day and night, not to mention the guards outside your bedroom door.

What really scares me, though, are the covert operations you see Bartlet and his team undertaking on a fairly regular basis, only telling the public about them once the issue has been resolved – if they tell the public at all. There have been scuffles between India and Pakistan, issues with Iraq over oil and, in the most recent episode I’ve watched, there were some undercover agents kidnapped in Columbia and only released after the President agreed to release one of the biggest drug barons in the world. However, when the Press Secretary told the press, she announced that the Columbian President had released the prisoner of his own accord.

What frightens me about ‘The West Wing’ is that this seems like an accurate portrayal of what goes on in Washington. I understand that some operations have to be covert but what scares me is the frequency with which it seems to occur. Does this really happen in real life? What is Barack Obama (and all his foreign counterparts) keeping from us? I am a firm fan of ‘Barry’ but watching ‘The West Wing’ has really put the creeps up me.

As a Type-A Personality, I like to be in full possession of the facts and like to at least feel like I’m in control. This portrayal makes me think I am nowhere near in control or know any of the facts. Scary.

Vic x


One response to “Why ‘The West Wing’ scares the bejesus out of me

  1. I can’t get enough of the West Wing, love it. Wait until you get to “Two Cathedrals” – amazing writing!

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