One of the happiest days of my life

In April of this year, I got an email from 6th Element Publishing and Writer’s Block North-East to congratulate me on submitting three stories for the ‘Home Tomorrow’ competition. I knew I had not won (having seen a list of winners published on the Facebook page) but I was informed that they would like to include all three of my submissions in the anthology. Since then, I had an email saying 6th Element felt it would be better to include one submission per author so I had to pick which one of my babies were my favourite.

So, I have been eagerly awaiting publication of this anthology since April. Every few weeks, The Boy Wonder will enquire as to what’s happening with the book, to which I reply “Search me”. I get several books through the post every week to be reviewed so when I nipped home yesterday, I thought the package on my bed was yet another book to review. To my surprise, though, I opened it and there it was: ‘Home Tomorrow’, featuring a short story by little ol’ me.

When I was reviewing for the local newspaper, my byline was a frequent sight and I have reviewed for a national magazine but nothing compared to this feeling; seeing something that I had written in print, completely my own, was just amazing.

The Boy Wonder seemed more excited than me! And knowing that I have someone that supportive in my life is an even better feeling.

I know I have a long way to go yet. My novel sits at 20,000 words and I have umpteen short stories sitting on my hard drive but this is most definitely a step in the right direction!

Vic x

Get your copy of ‘Home Tomorrow’ here:


4 responses to “One of the happiest days of my life

  1. Its a huge buzz isnt it. The email saying I was in was the bigger for me, that may have been something to do with the 4 hour drive I’d just done the day i got my hands on Radgepacket 5. Just knowing, then seeing that your work is good enough for publication on paper is something else. It really is. Nice one!

    • Yep, the email was also pretty amazing. I think, because I’d had it on pre-order for so long and thought the package was another book to review, the surprise was fab! Well done to you too Pete, cracking story 🙂

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