Review: ‘The Psychic Way’ by Barbara Ford-Hammond

This non-fiction book is packed with exercises to help you fine-tune your intuition. It may not be for everyone as non-believers will denounce it as phoney but if you do believe, you may find there are lots of handy hints to help you become more self-aware.

Each chapter begins with a quote from influential people like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart. Every chapter explores a different area of psychic ability and contains exercises to help you develop your skills. My problem with this is to carry out the exercises, you often need to close your eyes and therefore can’t read the other instructions so it would be handy to have someone to read them out!

‘The Psychic Way’ is part-autobiography, where Barbara explains how she developed her ‘gift’, part self-help and contains real life stories from ‘patients’ of her Beyond Bliss service who have been involved in past-life regression and hypnotherapy among other practices. Barbara also includes witty cultural references and historical anecdotes.

Although this book is recommended for “switching on your powers”, it also contains good relaxation tips as well as some great exercises to try to help improve self-esteem.

Don’t mock until you try it! You never know, you might enjoy yourself or, even better, develop your powers – whether that means your psychic abilities or your self-esteem. And what’s wrong with that?

Vic x

Order your copy of ‘The Psychic Way’ here:


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