Me: An Update.

Yesterday, I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reason for me being so poorly – it’s yet another symptom. I had Glandular Fever when I was 24 and it is highly unusual for anyone to have it more than once in a lifetime but if, like it is suspected I have, a person has an auto-immune deficiency, their immune system is compromised.

Having been seen by the Rheumatologist a few weeks ago, it seems we are getting closer to a diagnosis and I have been started on some new meds. Hopefully they will make a difference.

My fatigue is still difficult, I worked for 4 hours today and then went home and slept for 4 more. I will be going back to bed very soon.

I do have good days where, stupidly, I try to do too much and end up paying for it the following few days.

I am still hoping for a definite diagnosis as then I can hopefully get more help and support.

Vic x


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