Review: ‘These Things Hidden’ by Heather Gudenkauf

‘These Things Hidden’ is a novel about secrets and what it means to be a mother, and a sister and how far people will go to protect the ones they love. Gudenkauf’s second novel is a stunning portrayal of female relationships.

Allison Glenn tried to hide from the consequences of what happened five years ago but history keeps coming to back to haunt her. She lost everything, including her golden girl image, and spent five years in prison. On her release, her parents deny her existence and her sister refuses to speak to her. Allison’s sister Brynn suffers every day at the hands of people who know what her sister did but there is something about that night that no-one but Allison and Brynn know. All Brynn wants to do is shut it all out and forget it ever happened.

As well as Brynn and Allison, there are also two other women featured in this story and it takes a while to see where they fit in. But when all is revealed, it will have you gasping in shock.

Heather Gudenkauf is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors. She has an incredible knack for combining gut wrenching emotion with strong narrative. This book is unputdownable, you will be desperate to see how everything works out.

Vic x


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