Review: ‘Blood Guilt’ by Ben Cheetham

DI Harlan Miller’s life is spiralling out of control. He and his wife are failing to conceive, he’s drinking too much and his career is in jeopardy. But things get even worse one night in a pub – one punch leaves him in jail for manslaughter, his career and his marriage over.

On his release, four years later, Harlan feels life holds nothing for him. His wife is engaged, he has no job and he is wracked with guilt over the accident that changed his life forever. All he wants to do is make amends to the family he left without a father and a husband. However, what Harlan couldn’t have expected was to be given the opportunity to atone by saving the dead man’s son who has been abducted.

Set in Sheffield, UK, ‘Blood Guilt’ examines the consequences one mistake can have on many people’s lives. ‘Blood Guilt’ is a well-written, taut thriller with more twists and turns than a theme park ride. Just when you think you have everything worked out, Cheetham brings another stunning twist to the story. The characters are realistic and intelligently written, demonstrating a real understanding of modern-day Britain and the characters lurking among us. This story keeps you hanging until the very last page – a great read.

Vic x


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