More information emerges about Gaddafi’s death.

As Muammar Gaddafi’s body was finally buried in an undisclosed location in the Libyan desert, it has been reported he was sexually abused as he was dragged from the drain pipe in which he was hiding.

Channel 4 News tonight revealed on their website that video footage appears to suggest that Gaddafi was sodomised with a stick or knife.

It is a well-known fact that Gaddafi has ruled Libya through terror for decades. Since the war broke out in February this year, Gaddafi’s goons had struck fear into the hearts of any dissenters through intimidation and violence, particularly sexual violence. Take the case of Eman al-Obeidi who was beaten and gang-raped by Libyan troops. During her two-day captivity, Eman was urinated and defecated on while tied up and also raped by 15 men, some of whom recorded the attacks.

While brutally attacking her, Libyan troops told Eman to “Let the men from Eastern Libya come and see what we are doing to their women and how we treat them, how we rape them.” Unfortunately, there were many other women being held with Eman – this was not an isolated incident.

It was reported in the New York Times around the time of the assault on Eman that rape is seen as a crime against the honour of the woman or her family, not necessarily the individual.

In June, the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for Gaddafi’s arrest for crimes against humanity. It is understood that Gaddafi had been buying Viagra-like drugs and authorising their use by soldiers for the purpose of raping women and instilling fear.

When he was dragged out of the drain, Gaddafi is reported to have asked “What have I ever done to you?” His audacity astounded me. How does he know what effect his actions have had over the years?

Although what Gaddafi allowed – and even encouraged – was appalling and inhumane, I personally don’t understand how people could do that to him. I understand that many people have been killed or terrorised because of him but I truly believe two wrongs don’t make a right. By sodomising him, the rebels who captured him have essentially made themselves as bad as the tyrant. They should have allowed justice to be served legally.

In my opinion, sodomising Gaddafi does not erase what he’s done, nor will it make his victims feel better.

Vic x


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