Review: Britney Spears, Femme Fatale – Metro Radio Arena 03/11/11

As many of you who read this blog regularly will know, I am a massive Britney Spears fan. I first saw her in concert in 2004 and then again for her comeback in 2009. On those occasions I had to travel to Manchester and London respectively to see her show.

Thankfully, Ms. Spears has decided to take the Femme Fatale tour UK-wide. Some have speculated that this is due to a drop in popularity but, no matter what the reason, she remains as popular with her core-audience as ever.

This was Britney’s first gig in Newcastle in her thirteen-year career and, although the Arena wasn’t full, everyone at the gig seemed to really enjoy it.

Brit’s been criticised in the past for mainly miming at her gigs and her 2009 Circus tour was slated due to her glassy-eyed lip-syncing. My friend and I loved the Circus but we noted that a lot of the show was down to circus performers and dancers who entertained the crowd while Britney went through several costume changes. Britney was trusted with a live mic only to say “What’s up London?” once during the whole show. A lot of the dance sequences involved Britney being pushed around on stage while flicking her hair around.

Last night, though, was a 100% improvement. It was lovely to see Britney smiling. She looked as though she actually knew what was going on around her this time. She interacted with the crowd throughout the show, which included lasers and dramatic VT interludes during costume changes.

In her 90 minute show, Britney squeezed plenty of her hits into the set as well as squeezing her boobs into a series of revealing costumes. She also did a raunchy cover of Rihanna’s ‘S&M’.

The reaction of the crowd when Britney came to their side of stage or spoke was testament to how much affection people have for her. Her problems have been well-documented but it’s obvious, everyone’s glad to see her back on top.

Her dancing was energetic and she kept up with her dancers perfectly. Although Britney didn’t sing live for the whole concert, she did the majority of the singing and mimed only when her vocals were synthesised.

The stage sets were elaborate and varied, including a Japanese set and an Egyptian theme.

The sexual element of previous shows has been toned down, not eradicated completely but ‘Femme Fatale’ was nowhere near as explicit as previous tours.

Her costumes revealed an amazing figure, particularly when you consider this woman has had two kids! Britney looked both comfortable and confident in the clothes she was wearing and the dance moves she was performing.

There was nothing about this show to dislike! OK, so if you’re not a Britney fan, this may have not have been for you but for me, and all the other people in the audience last night, Britney was amazing!

Vic x


2 responses to “Review: Britney Spears, Femme Fatale – Metro Radio Arena 03/11/11

  1. Vic, just had a fun time reading this post! I am a Britney fan as well *totally jealous here* This sentences made my night:

    ‘In her 90 minute show, Britney squeezed plenty of her hits into the set as well as squeezing her boobs into a series of revealing costumes. She also did a raunchy cover of Rihanna’s ‘S&M’.’
    Go Britney Go!

  2. A 90 minutes show and she didn’t sing for that long! Hahaha.. Remember to have alternative entertainment with you next time you attend her show. Carry play cards! Well I admit I don’t listen to non-sentimental music her kind of stars play (organised noise) I found them flat! When they sing about something, e.g love, it doesn’t sound authentic. They try to make up for it by almost dancing themselves lame, but they still lack feel. But if you like them, you should get your money’s worth of a show. I stick with the poetic ones; the likes of Celine Deon, Whitney etc..

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