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Liz Jones: where do I start?

Two weeks ago, Liz Jones wrote an article in the Daily Mail about sperm-stealing. She had – with not one partner but two – decided to go against her partner’s wishes and attempt to get pregnant behind their backs.

Jones says the first man refused to believe she was on the pill and insisted on using condoms but that didn’t deter her. Her second victim was her husband but still she deceived him in her quest to conceive. Luckily for everyone involved, her plot was unsuccessful.

Sadly, there are women who decide to manipulate the situation to their advantage. They say they’re on the pill when they’re not, they take used condoms into the bathroom, they even lie about their fertility.

Liz Jones freely admits she’d previously had no interest in children but, on entering her late thirties, she decided it was her last chance to procreate. This still didn’t sound like a woman who desperately wanted a child, she sounded like a spoilt brat.

The Mail then attempted to balance out this viewpoint by publishing stories about men who had been unwittingly trapped into fatherhood. One was in a casual relationship with a woman who emailed him to say she was pregnant, with his child, but she wanted nothing to do with him – she’d used him for his sperm.

Previously, pregnancy was seen as a way of trapping men into a relationship – now it seems that it’s just another demonstration of the deviousness of some women who will do anything to get what they want.

Jones warns that women aged 37 or over are most likely to become ‘sperm snatchers’, but likewise, if a woman’s career isn’t going as well as she’d hoped or if she feels insecure in the relationship, these might also be reasons to steal sperm.

Do these women consider the realities of their actions? Probably not, they’re so self-obsessed that they don’t consider the sleepless nights, the unforeseen trips to A&E, the fact that babies turn into children which then transform into teenagers and then adults. You are a parent for life, do these women see past the tiny baby stage? I doubt it.

Do the women ever consider that having a partner throughout raising a child will help them too? Not only financially and literally but emotionally too. A partner will share your woes and worries. Choosing to go through that experience alone is madness. I understand relationships sometimes fail and I appreciate that many single parents do a wonderful job but why choose to do it alone?

What about the men who have offspring out there they aren’t even aware of? Don’t they have a right to be involved? What if there is some health issue in his family history that the sperm stealer doesn’t even know about? This is nothing less than theft.

And what about the child? How will the child feel when he/she finds out the story behind their conception? Or will the woman tell the child a lie to ensure she doesn’t come out looking like the bad guy?

Liz Jones calls herself a feminist. In my eyes, she is anything but. She is an embarrassment to the female gender. Her advice to men? “If a woman disappears to the loo immediately after sex, I suggest you find out
exactly what she is up to”. Yeah, right on, sister.

Vic x

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2056875/Liz-Jones-baby-craving-drove-steal-husbands-sperm-ultimate-deception.html#ixzz1dam1O6Np