It’s Christmas – but not everyone will be eating something.

In July 2011, a thirty-one year old woman died in an intensive care unit after a sixteen year battle with Anorexia Nervosa.

Kate Chilver weighed 4.7 stone and parts of her bowel and stomach ‘died’ due to lack of blood supply. After developing the condition aged 12 and first being hospitalised at 15, Kate spent the rest of her life in and out of medical units before dying. Her BMI (body mass index) was less than 12 and, at one point, dropped to 9. A healthy BMI is said to be between 20 and 25. Severe anorexia is classed as anything below 15.


Kate was fed through a tube but attempts to help her failed. She did not respond to medication and psychotherapy found her ‘unable to engage’. Kate also over-exercised. During her post-mortem, her heart was found to be less than half the weight it should be and Kate herself weighed less than 55lbs (30kg).

Her final days saw her suffering excruciating stomach pains – her bowel and stomach died through poor circulation. Her arteries had closed down due to pressure inside her body. Because there was no inter-abdominal fat to cushion the blood vessels.

This is the tragic truth of anorexia. Celebrities should read stories like this to understand what they’re doing to their bodies. Girls like LeAnn Rimes and Peaches Geldof should understand that they are at risk of muscle wastage and cardiac arrest.

Please girls, go and get help.

Vic x


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