Review: ‘Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson Lost His Way’ by Jon Krakauer

Greg Mortenson has made a name for himself as a selfless humanitarian and children’s crusader. He’s a favourite of book clubs and philanthropists around the world. He’s even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to this book, Mortensen is also not what he appears to be. As acclaimed author Jon Krakauer discovered, Mortenson has not only fabricated substantial parts of his bestselling books ‘Three Cups of Tea’ and ‘Stones into Schools’, but has also misused millions of dollars donated by unsuspecting donors like Krakauer himself.

This book is jam-packed with testimonies for people who have worked with the seemingly self-obsessed Mortenson. I would like to know how Krakauer discovered the deceit but this book is well worth a read, particularly if you’re tempted to donate to Mortenson – basically he is benefitting from the donations made: not the people who should be.

Vic x

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