Why Christmas isn’t a happy time for many.

So, on 29 December 2011, Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry after 14 months of divorce. They weren’t the only celebs to announce their break-up after Christmas: Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones were another famous couple to go their separate ways. And Mark  Feehily (from boyband Westlife) has called time on his engagement to lover Kevin McDaid. In 2005, a few days after the New Year where they were pictured strolling along a beach arm-in-arm, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation.

I don’t know anything about statistics regarding divorce / separations over Christmas but just looking at the headlines says a lot, especially when you consider celebrity relationships. One reason for the heightened number of break-ups could be the fact that Christmas is a time you feel you “should” be with your loved ones. Celeb couples can comfort themselves all year-round, blaming hectic schedules for not seeing their other half, Katy Perry has been on a worldwide tour in 2o11 while Russell has been filming more movies and promoting new releases.

Spending any prolonged time together, often over the holidays, shows the cracks. That’s if you get as far as spending the time together – some people can’t even agree on where to spend the holiday; rumours abound that Perry wouldn’t agree to spending Christmas in London with Brand and their parents. Perry ended up spending Christmas Day in Hawaii while Brand was in Cornwall.

Gethin and Katherine, as well as Katy and Russell, have hectic work schedules. Most people who have been together for four years will spent a high proportion of time together but celebrities can date for years without seeing that much of each other. Like Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger previously conceded (before splitting), a lot of the relationship is conducted through phone calls and texts. How much can you truly know a person that way?

I felt that Katy and Russell were actually well suited although I wondered how he felt about Katy’s hard partying ways considering he is a recovering drug and alcohol addict. I am genuinely saddened by their split.

For people who aren’t rich and/or famous, Christmas can be a harrowing time – spending a large amount of time with family or children can lead some people to distraction: only today I walked past a woman in the supermarket who was shouting and swearing at her children. I don’t personally think people who treat their kids like this should be allowed to procreate but sadly it is more widespread than many like to acknowledged. Other children are left home alone while errant parents disappear to parties or down the pub. Many women and/or men are abused over Christmas / New Year, partly due to the rise in alcohol consumption. Lots of elderly people do not see anyone because the people who usually pop around – like neighbours or family friends – are busy or away.

I don’t mean to end 2011 on a bum note but, when we’re all merry at midnight, please spare a thought for those who may not be having the best of times.

Vic x


4 responses to “Why Christmas isn’t a happy time for many.

  1. I guess at the end of the day all we can do is show love, forgiveness and kindness to all those with whom we come into contact in the hope that maybe they will do the same to someone else. It’s a strange old world Vic but there is still beauty everywhere.

    Take care and have a peaceful new year,


    • Sorry to end 2011 on a sad note but I think it’s easy to get hung up on presents, time off work, getting sloshed and stress re food etc. We need to remember those who aren’t as lucky. Next post will be hopefully be a bit more upbeat!

      Happy New Year.

      Vic x

  2. Perhaps the Russians have the right idea about celebrating christmas on Jan.7.
    Just added you to my list of “Arresting Authors” and reviewed your contribution to OFF THE RECORD.

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