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Getting to Know You: Katrina Parker Williams

Allow me to introduce you to another writer, Katrina Parker Williams. I’m handing the reigns over to Katrina to tell you some more about herself and her work.

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I grew up on a farm in North Carolina. The farm life was hard-working in the fields from sun up to sun down, year in, year out. My father owned his farm, and we children all felt a sense of ownership – as if the farm was ours alone – and the work we needed to put into it to keep it running year after year was our sole responsiblity. It was difficult work at times, yet it was rewarding and instilled a strong work ethic in me. It also fostered a great imagination. On all of those steaming hot days in the dry, parched fields, I would dream of the day that I would be transported from that life. I’d envision myself going back in time to periods where kings reigned and powerful people ruled, and I was one of them. I would envision having the power to change my circumstances – if only in my mind – which led me to writing.

I first fell in love with writing after reading Gordon Parks’ ‘A Choice of Weapons’. The struggles he faced in the novel mirrored my own struggles, although not on the same scale. I felt trapped, like that life would be the only life I would know. I began writing in my college years, but I never did anything with the short stories I had drafted until years later. I put them aside, and after falling ill, I started re-examining my life. I asked myself, “What is it you want to do with the rest of your life?” The answer: to write a novel. So I set out to write my first novel titled ‘Liquor House Music’. I didn’t do anything with it for a few years. I was just satisfied that I had accomplished that goal I had set for myself.
Years later I pulled out the manuscript, polished it up, and sent it out to book publishers. I did manage to garner the interest of an agent, but that didn’t go anywhere, so I decided to self-publish it. I found a POD publisher that was a good fit for me at the time. I got my novel to print and began promoting it locally. I started working on my next novel and several short stories, which were published by literary magazines.

After I had written fifteen or so short stories, I decided to publish them in a collection titled ‘Trouble Down South and Other Stories’.

Many of my stories are taken from my own personal experiences. Some of the stories were drawn from my mother’s recollections of her past. This collection is very personal for me since so much of myself is contained in it.

Blog:  http://katrinaparkerwilliams.wordpress.com/

Links to Buy Book Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Trouble-South-Other-Stories-ebook/dp/B004SUR600/ref=ntt_at_ep_edition_2_1?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2

Barnes and Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/trouble-down-south-and-other-stories-katrina-parker-williams/1103185628?ean=2940011402555&itm=2&usri=katrina+parker+williams

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