Review: ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

I have never met anyone who doesn’t know who Stephen King is. I, however, have never read a single book of his before, despite being told by many people how much he has inspired them.

King is mainly known for his horror. Up until very recently, I didn’t know he had written other stories like ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, among others. ‘On Writing’, though, is a memoir of King’s life and his career as a writer. It has been recommended to me on several occasions and many people in the publishing world claim it is a must-read for prospective authors.

I enjoyed King’s stories of his unstable childhood and I respected him for the effort he put into his career – working at many different jobs until his writing took off. His voice is particularly strong and his work ethic is a complete inspiration. The anecdotes about how his ideas take root are also very interesting. After reading this, I’m looking forward to reading his fiction. His tips for writing are not to be scoffed at – after all, this is a man who has sold millions of books.

This book will appeal to fans of Kings and writers alike.

Vic x


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