Cashing in on Death.

This is not a piece about Whitney Houston or her death. This isn’t about me saying it was no surprise as she has suffered from addiction for many years. It is about how death can bring out all sorts of hangers-on.

Within hours of Whitney Houston’s death, Sony had increased the price of her two greatest hits albums (and don’t even get me started on the whole more than one greatest hits). Anticipating a surge in sales, Sony increased each album by about £3 which also caused an automatic price increase on iTunes. Music executives will have been rubbing their hands together at the news – after all, Whitney wasn’t going to make them any more money alive after the shambles that was her last tour and they will have expected the ‘Jacko’ or ‘Winehouse’ effect. After an online revolt, the prices were reverted and an apology was issued.

There are shelves full of tribute magazines already out and no doubt an abundance of biographies in the pipeline. This week’s National Enquirer has published a picture of Whitney after her death on its front page. Have these journalists no conscience? She leaves behind a grieving daughter among other relatives.

Guests who were staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel when Houston was discovered dead have asked for their money back due to the “disturbance”. How about a little empathy, folks?

Bobby Brown continues on his tour and Ray-J, apparently Whitney’s on/off lover, has been getting a lot of publicity. Plenty of stars have expressed their sadness at awards ceremonies and on social networks. I’m sure much of the sadness was genuine but I get the feeling that some of these people are just jumping on the bandwagon.

Whitney was an amazing singer but, like many other artists, she had a problem. Those who are making money off her death should be ashamed of themselves.

Vic x


One response to “Cashing in on Death.

  1. 100% in agreement with you and well done for putting up this piece.

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