A Woman’s Right to Choose

I’ve come to the age where many of my friends are settling down, marrying and having children. There are an abundance of people in my life at the moment who are expecting children. Never once have I heard one of them say they only want a certain gender. Many expectant mothers are heard to say “I don’t mind what sex the baby is, as long as it’s healthy.”

According to a report published in The Telegraph earlier this week, some women are requesting terminations after discovering they were expecting a gender they did not want. Carrying out abortion on the grounds of gender is illegal but some doctors have been found to be agreeing to this process anyway. There is now being an investigation launched.

I’m all for women being allowed to choose whether they continue with a pregnancy or not if it’s for genuine health or mental health issues but terminating a pregnancy on the grounds of the baby’s gender is wrong.

How much of a kick in the teeth is this for people who are unable to conceive naturally? Some people who are lucky enough to conceive being so selfish and materialistic that they would illegally end a life just because the gender of the baby didn’t suit them. And what about the parents of children who said “I just want the baby to be healthy” and then ended up will children with chronic disabilities or illnesses? How must they feel?

I really hope that the doctors who have been allowing these terminations to be carried out because of gender alone will face the full force of the law.

Vic x


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