Film Review: ‘The Woman in Black’.

Having just read the book, I was really interested to see the film while the book was still fresh in my mind. Now, as I sit in my bed too scared to sleep, I wish I hadn’t!

This is possibly the scariest film I have ever seen. Initially, I scoffed at the performances of the people who lived in the village but I quickly felt that, had I lived in that village, I’d be a nervous wreck too so they pitched their performances just right!

As with all adaptations, some things are omitted, others are created just for the film but all in all, the film is scarier than any torture porn.

Aesthetically, ‘The Woman in Black’ is phenomenal. The way it is shot only adds to the terror as you are constantly looking in the shadows. The time in which the film is set helps build the tension – candles go out, there’s no electricity and so on.

Daniel Radcliffe – despite only being 22 – was really believable in his role as widower Arthur Kipps. He looked increasingly like Robert Pattinson through this film but it was really well acted. The supporting cast also featured many familiar faces.

There were several jump-out-of-your-seat moments and one couple left quite early so it is not for the faint hearted but this is a great ghost story in the vein of ‘The Others’, plenty of shadows and shocks to keep you hiding behind your hands.

Vic x


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