Prospective writer? Consider a blog.

Thanks to @blancaword on Twitter, I was given the idea of writing a blog post about why a blog can be beneficial to writers.

Less than 12 months ago I set up this blog while I was rather poorly as a way of circumventing the 140 character limit on Twitter. I had found that a lot of Tweets I’d seen on Twitter provoked a reaction in me and I wanted to share my thoughts without being limited by a word count. Very quickly, though, I found myself using the blog like a diary, a way to write about things I did and how I felt about certain issues. Rather quickly, I started getting comments from people: that spurred me on.

Increasing the amount of posts I wrote, I started including book reviews and reviews of gigs I went to. As my Twitter following grew, I received more and more books to review and more interaction through my blog. I realised that my blog was getting me into the habit of writing regularly but I was able to split my time between working on my blog and the works of fiction I was writing. This blog helped me become more disciplined and it also made me practice my craft on a regular basis.

Not only that but through my blog – and some social networking – I have become part of a large online community of writers who are willing to support each other. Writing a blog has created so many opportunities for me that I would never have believed a year ago how different my life is now.

If you have designs on being a writer (whether male or female), you could do a lot worse than start a blog.

Vic x


2 responses to “Prospective writer? Consider a blog.

  1. Vic I do have a blog but I don’t really use it as a blog. I find that if there is an issue that I really want to talk about, I’m more likely to put it into a work of fiction because I find that allows me to approach the issue from so many more angles if I have fictionalised it if that makes any sense?

    I do blog on some stuff, music, films etc, but my book reviews go to a dedicated review site. What I most post is flash fiction, 1000 words or less stories that for me don’t take much longer than a blog post to write.

    I guess I just don’t see myself as a blogger, because to me the fiction will always come first and be far more important than my views on something in my life. But you are right about the conversation being extended beyond 140 Twitter characters via a blog. One thing I did blog on was during the London riots last Summer. That got more views than any of my fiction, mainly from the US. Blogs do bridge that geographical distance.

    Keep blogging so lazy bloggers like me don’t have to!

    Marc Nash x

  2. Habit and discipline (as you pointed in twitter and now here) is a fundamental if you want to be a writer. And I can’t think of another genre that gives you such possibilities to practice your craft on a regular basis, in so many different ways.
    Thank you, Vic, for the tips 🙂

    Blanca (@blancaword)

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