Why Chris Brown has made a mockery of the Grammys (and Rihanna)

Regular readers of this blog will know I am neither a Chris Brown or Rihanna fan. I think they are both appalling role models to the young people who listen to their music and watch their performances. However, I was absolutely disgusted two weeks ago when Chris Brown was not only allowed to perform at the Grammy Awards but also won an award for his album F.A.M.E.

How can the organisers of the Grammys possibly think it’s ok to endorse this man? And, like the petulant prick he is, after being granted the award, the following Tweet appeared on Brown’s Twitter account:

What a charming young man – he’s totally reformed, no?

The post was later removed and was blamed on an assistant. According to Radar online, even his mother doesn’t buy that excuse.

Three years ago, the night before the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, allegedly punching her, biting her, and trying to choke her while he had her in a headlock. He also apparently threatened to kill her. This was the result:

And now rumours are abound that Rihanna is on the verge of restarting her relationship with Brown. There are Tweets being passed backwards and forwards (although that may be a publicity scam for their new singles. Yes, two, apparently they’re releasing two together). As many victims of domestic violence will testify, it is hard to keep away from their abuser because they make promises of change and reform. However, Rihanna did escape and has been without Brown for three months. By going back to him now, she is making a massive mistake and taking a giant leap backwards. Someone like that will never change.

I truly believe that all music executives – whether they’re in charge of record companies or awards ceremonies – should shun Chris Brown. He should not be allowed to live this privileged lifestyle of jetting around the world, making masses of money and doing whatever he wants to do. He should have lost everything when he attacked Rihanna.

And since his win at the Grammys, what has Chris been doing? Keeping his nose clean? Don’t be silly. A woman has now accused him of stealing her iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami. After Christal Spann took his picture on her phone, he snatched it, allegedly telling her: “B****, you ain’t gonna put this up on no website.” (Don’t even get me started on the double negative).

Seeing as Brown is still on parole for beating Rihanna and if criminal charges are filed, his parole could be revoked and he could end up in prison for up to four years. I doubt this will happen but we can hope.

Vic x


One response to “Why Chris Brown has made a mockery of the Grammys (and Rihanna)

  1. well said victoria.. I worry more about the people who accept his behavior.. we have a segment of the population that reveres violence, criminal activity and vulgarity. it trickles down to young kids who emulate these clowns and buy their music.

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