Review: ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ by SJ Watson.

What would happen if every time you went to sleep, you forgot everything? Christine wakes up every morning wondering who the middle-aged woman in the mirror is. One morning, Christine receives a phone call from a doctor telling her to look in the bottom of her wardrobe as she has been keeping a journal. A note in the journal says “Don’t trust Ben.” Ben is Christine’s husband – so what’s going on?

SJ Watson knows how to pull you into the story. By having a non-linear narrative, Watson reveals just enough to hook you in. You really don’t know who to trust in this story, there are so many conflicting accounts being given to Christine that you know that something is not right. I found that the story was rather unbelievable but, the way in which this story was resolved was original if nothing else.

There are plenty of plus points about this debut, I was just disappointed with the ending.

Vic x

Download your copy of ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ here:

Or get the paperback here:


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