Review: The Auschwitz Violin by Maria Angels Anglada.

This story begins in 1991 in Krakow when a male musician meets a woman with a perfectly pitched violin. He inquires into the origin of the violin but couldn’t possibly be prepared for the incredible story behind it.

Whilst imprisoned in Auschwitz, Daniel feels his life slipping away. He dreams about the love of his life and feels he is weakening every day. However, following a visit from a mysterious stranger, his former vocation as a violin maker is revealed. This information precedes a bet between the two most dangerous and influential men in the camp, one which could cost Daniel his life.

This short novel may sound depressing but Anglada conjures up such a believable character in Daniel that the reader feels can identify with the pressure he is under. The descriptions of Daniel’s hunger and nerves really give you a great sense of empathy, I rushed through this book trying to get to the end to see how it ended up.

Interspersed with actual Nazi documents from Auschwitz, this novel is chilling and believable. It is a must-read.

Vic x

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