It’s competition time for non-book readers!

Hi everyone,

To celebrate World Book Night tonight, 23rd April 2012, I have a special World Book Night edition of Roald Dahl’s ‘Someone Like You’ to give away. I asked to be a giver of Roald Dahl’s book because he is the author who has inspired me throughout my life. His stories are so well-written and intelligent, even his stories for children. He doesn’t talk down to kids, he understands what makes them tick and what sparks their imagination. I have always admired the way he makes up words that describe, so perfectly, the actions his characters are doing.

The purpose of World Book Night is to celebrate reading and to encourage those who aren’t book lovers to try it out.

Because of this, I’d like to offer one of my World Book Night books to someone who is not a bookworm like me.

I’d like people to comment on this blog post and tell me why you don’t enjoy reading at the moment. Has something put you off? Have you never found a story that captures your imagination? I’ll pick a comment and give you the book, hoping to change your mind!

Vic x


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