Review: ‘Buckle’ by Callum Gibson

‘Buckle’ is no ordinary debut. It is the grittiest story I have read in a long time. Now remember, I read a heck of a lot of fiction.

‘Buckle’ charts Chuck’s life. It’s a sad life for guy in his late twenties. He lives at home with his mother who isn’t the nicest of mums. He works at a crappy job, stacking shelves and generally hates life. This story looks at the ups and downs of Chuck’s life. It’s a romance, a comedy and a horror story all rolled into one.

This short story is not for the faint-hearted or the easily offended. It is dark and violent, peppered with plenty of swearing. This doesn’t detract from the story though as it is in no way gratuitous, all of these elements are integral to the plot.

My only complaint about ‘Buckle’ is that I would have liked a longer build-up of tension and therefore the story to have been longer. I look forward to reading more from Callum Gibson.

Vic x

Download ‘Buckle’ here:


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