Review: ‘The Murder Wall’ by Mari Hannah.

Mari Hannah’s debut novel introduces us to a new detective, DCI Kate Daniels. Kate is intelligent, gutsy and strong but someone’s out to put a spanner in the works of Daniels’s illustrious career. Almost a year after discovering a brutal double murder, Daniels is presented with the corpse of a familiar face but fails to disclose the connection – making everything even more complicated. A murderer is on the loose in Newcastle and it’s up to Daniels to stop the killer from claiming any more victims.

Mari Hannah’s writing is taut and intelligent, she keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the novel. The way in which Mari describes the characters gives the reader a great mental image of who she’s writing about. There’s an abundance of characters which just adds to the realistic feel of the piece. The snappy dialogue adds depth to the relationships between the officers conducting the investigation.

It’s fast-paced, gritty and realistic. It contains lots of information regarding police procedures but the information is always relevant to the story. The idea behind the crimes is highly original and, as a native north-easterner, I loved that the geographical locations were accurate.

In Kate Daniels, Mari has created a character that you want to know more about and I for one and am pleased that the second installment featuring DCI Daniels will be out later this year. Kate is not like any other female protagonist I’ve ever encountered and Hannah has really achieved something special in creating her.

Always mindful of the reader, Hannah has produced short chapters for bedtime readers who want to stop at the end of a chapter. However, the story is so good, you may find it keeps you awake all night!

A great debut from a writer with bags of potential.

Vic x


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