Review: Coldplay at Stadium of Light 07/06/12.

I last saw Coldplay in September 2009 while Britain enjoyed something of an Indian summer. My brother and I had a great day in the sunshine being entertained by Coldplay and Jay-Z. At the end of the show in 2009, Coldplay released thousands of paper butterflies into the audience.

Last night in Sunderland, they released the butterflies within the first three songs and that’s when I knew the gig was going to be even better than the last time I saw them. Sadly, the weather didn’t go along with that plan.

Thanks to a Metro strike and torrential rain, some of the crowd were not in the best spirits – and who could blame them? Not to mention the fact that support act Rita Ora was slightly lack lustre and Robyn was just downright odd.

But as soon as Chris Martin et al took to the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild. Coldplay are a class act and Martin an utter gent. I can honestly say I’ve never seen another act who thanks the crowd for their support after every song. I truly feel that Chris Martin’s gratitude is absolutely genuine. Onstage, he acknowledged how difficult it had been to get to the stadium and promised the crowd a great evening. And, man, did they deliver!

The band were delayed in coming to the stage due to the fact that crew had to continuously battle against the heavy rainfall but once the gig got going, there was no stopping them. Every member of the ground was handed flashing wrist bands that, when activated, looked incredible in the crowd. There were inflatables, giant bouncing balls and paper butterflies as well as lasers and fireworks.

Coldplay try everything to encourage their fans to have a good time. The band want their show to be as interactive as possible, it’s great to see a band give so much – you don’t mind paying the money to see them when you know they appreciate it.

Their music is enough to keep everyone entertained. Martin – King of the Geeks – gives it all he has and you have to admire the musical prowess of the band members. The band moved to do a small set at the back of the stadium so as not to leave anyone out. Their anthemic songs rang out and it gave me goosebumps to hear everyone singing along.

The highlight of my evening was the anthemic ‘Viva la Vida’, which left the crowd singing the hook even as they left the ground. Coldplay might be regarded as the boring band of rock at the moment but there was certainly nothing boring about their gig last night.

It might have been cold and wet but Coldplay’s set warmed the cockles of my heart.

Vic x

One response to “Review: Coldplay at Stadium of Light 07/06/12.

  1. Vic, great comments.
    I went to the Ricoh last week, and M.E.N. in December. They were outstanding at both.
    I too think they are the band to hate, by the puerile individuals who’s days are filled with vitreolic trolling. They must be getting Coldplay alerts, as they are often making comments before the fans!
    I have no problem with someone disliking them, but to just endlessly troll shows a severe lack of any sense of normality.
    Glad yo enjoyed them as much as me.

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