TomKat – is anyone surprised?

So, the celebrity world was abuzz on Friday night with the news that Katie Holmes had filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. According to reports, Katie has stunned Tom by filing for divorce in New York – hoping to get full custody of their daughter Suri.

There’s a lot of speculation about the why’s and wherefore’s but – let’s be honest – is anyone actually surprised? Did anyone really believe that these two would be together forever?

OK, perhaps as time went on and the two of them became parents and continued with their lives, people may have got over their initial cynicism regarding the pairing. However, there has always been something a bit dodgy about this relationship.

 The pair got together while they both had major summer blockbusters to promote – Katie appeared in Batman Begins and Tom in Mission: Impossible III. They toured the globe, showing off their “romance” with grand gestures on red carpets. Not to mention the sofa incident….

Since then, Katie has failed to get any other high-profile role and was dropped from Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboots. She has, however, received acclaim for her part in the Broadway version of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons in 2008. Holmes, best known as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek, saw her career all but disappear following her relationship with Cruise.

Tom, though, has continued to make comeback after comeback with films like Knight and Day, Tropic Thunder, Valkyrie and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol which went on to be his biggest commercial success to date. Most recently, he starred as dickhead rock star Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages. It’s said to be this role – and the W magazine cover featuring Tom as his alter ego – that pushed Katie over the edge.

It’s understandable that – if rumours are to be believed – Tom scrutinised every role offered to Katie, often taking her out of accepting them but he accepted any role he wanted. It’s said they’ve rowed about how he should spend his 50th birthday and, of late, Katie has been pictured looking very glum. Suri, too, has been seen frequently crying in public and sources say Katie was sick of Tom’s work affecting their child.

Maybe Ms Holmes finally took off the rose-tinted spectacles and realised that a life with the man whose poster she’d had on her wall as a teenager might not be all that in real life.

Rumours are also abound that Katie, who was raised a Catholic, began to worry about the impact of Scientology on their six-year-old daughter Suri. It is believed that Scientology encourages parents to think of their children as adults and allow them to do and say what they like. This may explain why Suri was allowed to wear heeled shoes from the age of four and why now, even at the age of six, is often carried by her parents.

I hope – for Suri’s sake – the pair can come to an amicable arrangement.

Vic x


2 responses to “TomKat – is anyone surprised?

  1. Disgusting the way Cruise has run roughshod over that girl. I am glad to see her finally show some backbone and do what should have been done some time ago.

    There is a lesson here…. those teen stars so many young girls idolised? The only stars that will shine bright forever ever are the one’s God put in the firmament. We mere mortals are imperfect and when the sheen wears off, or we take off those rose-tinted glasses, those celluloid gods are revealed to have feet of clay and we have to ask ourselves…

    Were they really worthy of the adulation we heaped on them?

  2. My husband saw the shocked looked on my face and said ‘What? What is it?’
    ‘Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have split up!’
    He rolled his eyes and continued watching the footie. Glad to know I’m not the only one who keeps up with celebrity gossip! ;0)

    I’m shocked and not shocked. I remember being outraged when they got together, but as you say, the longer they were together, the more I believed that it might have been possible.
    – Laura

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