Getting to Know You: Fran Orenstein

Today I have Dr Fran Orenstein speaking to us all the way from America. Fran’s poetry has won lots of awards and she’d like to share with us what it means to her to be a writer. Enjoy!

Vic x

What does it mean to be a writer?

By Dr. Fran Orenstein

For me, writing prose and poetry is the means I use to express myself.  All artists have a unique talent or ability that drives them to create. From the first storyteller chiseling a picture on a cave wall, to today’s writer at a computer, the goal is to produce something they hope people will read.

Personally, being a published author and poet is a fulfillment of a dream I have had since I wrote my first poem at age eight. Part of that dream is to leave a legacy for the future, whether it is simply a book my grandchildren will enjoy and pass on through the generations, to the ultimate dream of producing a classic that will live on forever.

As a writer you must be willing to keep putting ideas down in words, and really want to write. A friend who is a musician and artist said to me many years ago, “When are you going to call yourself a writer?” The question boggled my mind, for I did not consider my self a writer, even though I had been writing academically and professionally for much of my life. I was other things, but I thought, “Me, a writer?”  Then one day, I woke up and realized, “I am a writer.” It did not matter what I wrote, I was producing articles, newsletters, papers, books, short stories and poems, and people were reading them.

Writing is a lonely art. Sometimes, days go by when the only communication you have is with the characters on the page. Then there are the days when nothing happens, words refuse to appear on the page, the book seems to drag, the characters are bland, and you are ready to give it all up. But suddenly there is a breakthrough; your fingers are off and running, and your brain surges forward with new ideas.

The ultimate high for a writer is the day the doorbell rings and you see the brown uniform of the UPS driver rushing away like a felon down your driveway. You open the door and there it is; a plain brown box. You haul it inside, paying no attention to your aching back and run a blade carefully through the tape. You open the flaps and there they are snuggled in bubble wrap. You lift out the top book and hold it in your hands, then stare at the cover like it was the archeological find of the century. You open it and there are the words you slaved over for so many months or years. You clutch it to your chest, if you are really sentimental you kiss it, as long as nobody sees you.

But the ultimate reason I write is the call from my grandchildren telling me they are so proud to have a Granny who is an author, they love my book, so when is the next one coming.

For details on Fran’s books, visit her Amazon Author page here:


6 responses to “Getting to Know You: Fran Orenstein

  1. Thank you, Vic, it’s a lovely presentation. Fran

  2. Nice post Fran. You are a talented writer.

  3. I would like to contact Victoria but I can’t find a contact address?

  4. great reason to post/ write that you do and do so well/the gleam in their eyes being proud of you….

  5. Thank you Pauline and Dore’.

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