Review: ‘Fear of the Fathers’ by Dominic C. James

The second part of the Reiki Man Trilogy pulls the reader back into the world of Thomas Jennings, Stella Jones and an assortment of shadowy figures. Stella is still grieving for boyfriend Stratton when she is befriended by Pat Cronin, a priest with a hidden agenda.

‘Fear of the Fathers’ shows the author’s increased confidence since the first installment. James is a master of telling seemingly unrelated stories and slowly fitting the pieces together in the most unexpected way possible.

The language used is descriptive and evocative and James obviously knows his characters inside out. There’s a great mix of humour and drama, Dominic C. James has a real knack at making his stories seem entirely real.

It’s really difficult to define the genre of this book but I guess, at the heart, it hovers around the crime / thriller genre. The great thing about this series is that it explores more spiritual matters than most crime novels but the subject matter – no matter how far-fetched – seems completely believable.

The short chapters make this fast-paced and encourage you to read on. There are plenty of mysteries set up at the end of this book that make me desperate to read the final part of the trilogy.

Vic x

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