Beware scammers


For months, I’ve been considering buying this book. As it’s not clear whether or not I have Lupus, I have been reading up on various auto-immune diseases as I like to be armed with as much knowledge as I possibly can.

Knowledge reassures me. If I’m blindsided by something I didn’t know, I become anxious and feel like I’ve lost control. It is an illusion – I’m not really in control of any of this – but knowledge helps me maintain some semblance of calm in the face of some pretty grim circumstances.

Because I’ve been feeling so poorly this week, I decided to part with my very hard-earned cash and pay £3.06 for ‘The Embarrassing Truth about SLE and How to Manage it’ by Joseph Newburg. Because the same author had several books about health issues, I mistakenly thought this guy might be able to provide me with some new information or coping techniques. How wrong I was.

Most of this book contains information which has been copied and pasted from Wikipedia. Although the author acknowledges his source, I have to say it doesn’t inspire confidence. I can read Wikipedia for free. Likewise, anyone can update it and therefore not all of the information on there is completely accurate. There are so many more reputable sources that this author could have cited.

Newburg talks about Lupus as though it is a death sentence. It can be but many sufferers now live life in remission. It’s very difficult to generalise with this condition but what Newburg did write was fear mongering and based on very little but his own agenda. Further into the book, Newburg tells sufferers what they need is faith and goes on to quote much of the Book of Job.

I have no objection to any religion in the world. Obviously I resent all fundamentalism and the troubles it causes all over the world. However, if anyone finds comfort in religion, I have no issues with that. Each to their own. I would love to find something that gave me such courage and belief. I’ve yet to find it. What I do object to is someone ramming their religion down my throat and calling it relief.

This book was an absolute swizz. In illness, as with most negative life events, people often look for help out of desperation. I put my faith in knowledge which is why I feel so cheated by this book. But scammers come in all disguises: religious nuts, “authors” and insurance agents among others. There are plenty of people in the world looking to make a quick buck off people’s misery and suffering. Beware.

Vic x


3 responses to “Beware scammers

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re unwell and may have lupus. I know two people who have lupus and they mostly live and manage well with it. The author (if I should even call him that) of that book is a disgrace.

  2. Victoria – I am so sorry to hear… of both your condition and that you were scammed. I do hope you can find the treatment/relief that you need.

    It is people like this charlatan who do more harm than good… if they do any good at all. I am a Christian and I do believe, but I would never try to put my beliefs on someone else in the guise of ‘helping’ them. What this man is doing is despicable!

    I’m a little surprised he would quote from the Book of Job and not from the New Testament instead. Yes, the Book of Job speaks of suffering and healing, but Job, throughout all that happened to him, maintained his innocence and thought himself without sin. I think there are more positive messages in the New Testament. But then, that is something these charlatans are good at… they try to scare people… the Old Testament will do that!

    I know you don’t, but I do, so I hope you won’t mind that I keep you in my prayers.

    Veronica Marie

  3. Hi Vic – just wanted to wish you well and assure you that having Lupus is NOT a death sentence. My father was diagnosed over 30 years ago and has been in remission for approx 20 years. It’s certainly not a disease anyone would wish to have, but you can live with it. Keep your chin up!

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