Review: ‘The Drowning’ by Camilla Lackberg


Christian’s debut novel is published to rave reviews but he remains as distant and unhappy as ever. Erica, the writer who discovered him, finds out that Christian has been receiving threatening letters. Erica’s husband, a policeman, is working on a missing person case but suddenly, the links start to become apparent.

Swedish writer Camilla Lackberg has a true talent for building tension and weaving webs that are satisfyingly resolved at the end of the novel. There are so many questions raised during this novel that I thought they couldn’t possibly all be worked out – but they did. Her ability lies in being able to conjure up realistic characters who seem perfectly ‘normal’ from the outside but are deeply flawed.

The beginning of the book, and the introduction of all of the characters, was quite hard to keep up but once you invest in the characters, there’s less confusion.

All in all, this was a wonderful, compelling thriller.

Vic x


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