Review: Every Vow You Break by Julia Crouch

Today sees the release of Julia Crouch’s second novel and it is one you will definitely want to read.

Hot on the heels of last year’s ‘Cuckoo’, Crouch’s new book tells the story of the Wayland family who’ve upped sticks from Brighton to spend the summer in upstate New York while dad Marcus treads the boards at the local theatre. Teenage twins – Bella and Olly – have a strained relationship which only becomes more tense as the summer continues.

Lara, the family matriarch, is left reeling following an abortion in the UK at Marcus’s insistence. With their summer digs leaving her feeling uneasy to say the least, Lara’s summer isn’t going as she’d hoped. She feels her life spinning out of control as she meets up with a familiar face while Marcus is working. Strange things start happening as Lara becomes more caught up in the memories that resurface as she spends more time recapturing her lost youth.

This book is so multi-faceted. It could be described as a family saga, a romance, a coming of age story and a thriller. Julia Crouch’s writing builds up an uneasy feeling throughout the narrative therefore helping the reader empathise with the way Lara must be feeling. The use of the weather to build-up tension is really well done; there is a pervading sense of foreboding throughout the novel. The sense of place created by Crouch’s writing is entirely vivid – I could see Trout Island in my mind’s eye as I read.

The characters are well-drawn and completely flawed which makes them entirely believable.

As in most crime novels, there are plenty of red herrings and, at times, the reader has no idea who to trust.

‘Every Vow You Break’ doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects and there are several scenes that the reader may find uncomfortable. However, they are in no way gratuitous.

This is a great read – get your copy now!

Vic x

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