Review: ‘Britney: Inside the Dream’ by Steve Dennis

What Dennis promises is an in-depth look at Hollywood and fame combined with a psychoanalytical approach. Dennis researched Britney’s background and then took his findings into therapy for six hours a week. For three months, he consulted a therapist who drew conclusions regarding Britney’s past on her adult behaviour.

Dennis, usually a ghostwriter, tells Britney’s story with the help of people who knew her although I always wonder about the motives of people who are indiscreet about people they allegedly care about. For example, a woman who was once married to an uncle of Britney’s – could she have an ulterior motive for sharing juicy stories about the family?

As a Britney fan, I noticed one or two glaring errors that should have been easy to correct – regarding years that songs were released and so on.

I didn’t feel I learnt anything new from this book and I felt the analyst’s point of view was a pointless gimmick. Not one for die-hard fans: you’ll know pretty much everything that’s in here already.

Vic x

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