Review: ‘How I said Bah! to cancer’ by Stephanie Butland.

The title of this book may put you off straight away but, please, try to persevere. Even if you read the first couple of pages, you will see why I couldn’t put this book down. Stephanie Butland writes about her “dance with cancer” poetically.

Despite the subject being almost taboo, people like to pretend cancer doesn’t exist but it does, this book chronicles the trials and tribulation of one woman who refused to let cancer define her.

I found this book a very interesting read – it’s full of factual information regarding cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs and what you can expect from your doctors. I don’t have cancer but a lot of the strategies employed by Stephanie during her dance could be employed in the face of other treatments. Meditation, hypnotherapy, positive thinking and researching your treatment can be applied to many illnesses/treatments.

Stephanie writes this book with brutal honesty and there were several occasions that had me in tears but this woman, and her friends and family, are a true inspiration. Stephanie proves that positive thinking and a sense of humour can go a long way even in the scariest of situations. She even managed to make me laugh out loud despite the serious subject matter.

This book also details Stephanie’s employment of the de Bono method of thinking and that is definitely something I am interested in learning more about.

This book is a straight-talking must-have for anyone experiencing a cancer or someone supporting a loved one through the journey.

Vic x

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